Third Party Litigation Funding

FORIS AG is the oldest Third Party Litigation Funding firm in Europe. Since 1998, as the first financing company, FORIS AG has developed litigation funding in the German-speaking jurisdiction and has established itself as a useful instrument in litigation management.


With its business fields of Third Party Litigation Funding, the sale of German and foreign corporations (shelf companies), incorporation of English limited companies for German entrepreneurs and specialised translations of legal and commercial texts, FORIS AG is one of the leading firms in the respective German market for legal services today.

Third Party Litigation Funding: FORIS is a strong Partner

In 1999, FORIS AG went public and it is still the largest independent litigation funder in Germany today. FORIS AG finances civil and commercial law litigation which promises success as from a claim amount of EUR 100,000.00. Our team of experienced and specialised lawyers examined more than 10,000 cases in past years having a dispute amount volume of more than seven billion Euros. FORIS professional Third Party Funding means: Choosing an experienced and strong partner.

Our Money for your Rights

FORIS litigation financing means: we assume the financial risk for your civil and commercial law litigation. If the claim in the litigation fails, we bear the litigation costs. If the claim succeeds, we receive a previously agreed share of the proceeds recovered for our services. The actual amount of the share of the proceeds is determined in accordance with the de facto assumed risk on a case-by-case basis.

For you, as the plaintiff, this means:

  • You transfer the entire financial risk of the litigation costs to us.
  • Your funds are not tied up in court litigation over a period of some years.
  • You simultaneously strengthen your position with a financially sound partner.
  • And, you only share proceeds which are, in fact, recovered if you are successful.
  • The examination of the possibility of financing is undertaken at no cost.

As from the conclusion of the agreement, FORIS litigation funding assumes all necessary costs for the litigation. With the following amounts of dispute, the following attorneys and court costs accrue in Germany per court instance*:

Amount of
the Dispute
First Instance
District Court
Second Instance
Regional Appeals
Third Instance
Federal Supreme
EUR  100,000 EUR  12,068 EUR  14,168 EUR  18,771 EUR  45,007
EUR  200,000 EUR  17,263 EUR  20,446 EUR  26,983 EUR  64,692
EUR  500,000 EUR  29,773 EUR  35,603 EUR  46,786 EUR 112,162
EUR 1,000,000 EUR  44,098 EUR  52,799 EUR  69,352 EUR 166,249
EUR 2,000,000 EUR  72,748 EUR  87,191 EUR 114,484 EUR 274,423
EUR 5,000,000 EUR 158,698 EUR 190,367 EUR 249,880 EUR 598,945
* according to German law, valid from 1. August 2013
For a fast and simple calculation of the litigation costs, our FORIS AG litigation costs calculator » is available for your use.

Your Third Party Funding Partner
: As the largest independent litigation funding company in Germany, FORIS AG is a strong partner at your side. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us ».